All FIFA rules (Laws of the Game) apply with the following modifications:

SUBSTITUTIONS: Unlimited substitutions at midfield with the consent of the referee.

PLAY TIME: 30-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime.

PLAYERS: All teams must have at least 7 players at the match location and prepared to play within 15 minutes of the scheduled match time to avoid forfeit. If a minimum allowable team is not prepared to play at the end of the 15-minute grace time, forfeiture shall be issued unless otherwise decided by the tournament director in his/her sole discretion. Allison SportsTown is not responsible for teams that don’t show up for their scheduled games. It is incumbent on the team manager to notify the tournament ASAP if you know your team is not going to show up for scheduled game.

ROSTER: There is a limit of 20 players for each team roster. Changes on the final roster will be accepted at any time before the commencement of the teams’ first match. Players are only permitted to play if they are on the roster, and have signed the liability release form provided by AST. Players are allowed to play on only one team in a division.

CONFRONTATIONS: Any physical confrontation or aggression will disqualify the player or team for the rest of the tournament. All determinations will be made by the tournament director, in his/her discretion, with the consultation of match referees. NO EXCEPTIONS/NO REFUNDS.

TIED GAMES: During bracket play, tied games be concluded as ties at the end of regular time. During any playoff match, ties will be resolved by a series of 5 penalty shots from the 12 yard mark. If score remains tied: sudden death penalty shots. (No overtime).

RED CARD: If a player receives a red card, he/she must sit out the rest of that game and the team may not substitute for that player. The tournament director has the right to impose an additional suspension for any Red Card (e.g. for violence). Yellow Cards entail an automatic five-minute cooling off period. The player may be substituted.

REFEREE: The referee has final say on the field in all matters of the game.

PLAYERS may be of any gender so long as the player meets the age requirement of their given bracket. Age is determined by birthdate. Players must fall within the minimum age by the tournament registration deadline. Age can only be questioned by the team captain or manager. If there are any questions about age, the manager of the team (not a player) should request the referee to check the player in question’s ID. An age protest may only be made prior to the start of play, at the half time or immediately upon final whistle. Players are required to have government-issued photo I.D. available at the field, in case a protest is made regarding age.  Teams that field ineligible players will be assessed an automatic 0-3 loss on all games the ineligible player took part in, and the tournament director may, in his/her discretion, forfeit all of the teams remaining matches (no refunds will apply).

TIE BREAKERS: In bracket play, wins are worth 3 points, ties 1 and losses 0. At the end of bracket play any ties in total points will be broken in the following order: Head-to-head, goal differential, goals for, goals against, red cards (least!), a penalty shootout.

Any breach in the rules or requirements may result in a team’s forfeiture. Rules grievances may be lodged with the tournament director at any time. The Tournament Director has discretion and final say in all rules and conduct matters.