Allison Sports Town Adult Indoor Soccer League Rules of Competition – Condensed

Divisions for the Adult Indoor Soccer League are as follows:

  • Men’s Advanced
  • Men’s Intermediate
  • Women’s
  • Adult 35+
  • Adult Coed


League/Roster Structure:

  1. Roster size may be no greater than 14 with a minimum of 6. A minimum of 4 players must be present to start the game.
  2. Each team must assign a “coach.” All contact from the league host to the teams will take place through the “coach.”
  3. Team and individual registrations are accepted. Individual registrations will be placed on a registered league team, assuming the team’s “coach” will accept an additional player.
  4. Participants must be 18+ years of age to participate. Proof of birth shall be provided upon request.
  5. Teams may borrow players from other teams in the case that they are short players for a game and the borrowed player is registered through Allison Sports Town.
  6. The home team is required to provide a size five (5) ball for the game.
  7. Spitting is not permitted on the indoor turf. If a player spits on the indoor turf they will be issued a yellow card.
  8. If a team is caught not complying with the borrowed player rules, they will be forced to take a forfeit for the game if the borrowed players are not approved by the opposing team captain. Teams caught with players under the age minimum restrictions will be forced to forfeit the match.

Condensed Rules of play for Allison SportsTown Adult Indoor League:

Game Duration:

  • 2 25-minute halves w/ 5-minute halftime.
  • The clock will continue to run throughout the game. The only exception is during the last minute of the second half where goal differential is 1 goal or less.


  • Defenders are required to be outside the center-circle
  • The ball can be kicked in any direction and is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves.
  • A goal can be scored directly from kick-off.

Players and Substitutions:

  • 4 players minimum are required to start a game with a maximum of 6 (5 field players & 1 goalie).
  • Coed games must start with 2 females on the field at all times. If a team only has one female, they must play a player short. If a team fails to provide a female player, they are a forfeit.
  • Substitutions are on-the-fly and may happen at any time of the game including restarts and free kicks.
  • Players must be 3 feet from the bench area before the subbing player may enter the field. If either player touches the ball or interferes with play while swapping positions, it is a substitution violation.


  • The ball must be stationary on the touchline before the kick-in can take place.
  • Opponents must be 15 feet from the ball before the kick-in is taken.
  • The kick-in must occur within five (5) seconds once the ball is placed on the line or the referee signals it is time to kick in.
  • All kick-ins are Direct Free Kicks.
  • Once the ball clearly moves from the line, it is considered a complete kick-in.
  • The kicker may not touch the ball twice before it has touched another player.

Goalkeeper Rules of Play

  • No goal kicks are allowed
  • The goalkeeper must throw or roll the ball by hand from the penalty area.
  • The ball is in play with it is thrown or released and clearly moves.
  • The goalkeeper’s teammates may be in the penalty area when the ball is distributed. Opposing players must be outside the penalty area until the ball is in play.
  • The ball must be put in play within five (5) seconds of the team receiving the ball or the referee signaling that it is time to put the ball in play.
  • When the goalkeeper receives the ball at his/her feet on the defensive half of the field, they have five (5) seconds to distribute. If they are in the penalty area when the five seconds expires, the opposing team is awarded a free kick at the top of the box. If the goalkeeper is outside the penalty area and the five seconds expires, a free kick is awarded where the ball is at the time of expiration.
  • The goalkeeper may not play the ball with his/her hands when it is kicked directly from a teammate.

Out of Play/Restart:

  • When the ball hits the ceiling, it is considered out of play.
  • When the ball goes out of play after hitting the ceiling, the restart will be at the shootout mark (red dot above the penalty area) nearest where the ball when out of play.
  • When the ball hits the outer netting, it is considered out of play.
  • When the ball goes out of play after hitting the outer netting, it will result in a kick-in, GK clearance or a corner kick, depending on where it went out of play.
  • All restarts are direct free kicks.


  • All outdoor fouls apply. Slide tackles are also considered fouls and are not permitted in the Allison SportsTown Adult Indoor League. One exception is a goalkeeper who starts a slide inside their own penalty area and slide is considered fair.
  • Using the wall as a weapon by propelling your opponent into the wall is considered boarding and is prohibited.
  • Encroachment by a defending player within fifteen (15) feet of a kick-off with the intent to interfere with the restart is prohibited. Players that perform this encroachment will be given a warning. Additional interferences may result in a penalty to the opposing player.


  • Blue Card = Reckless foul, illegally stopping a promising attack, substitution violation, boarding, or four fouls in one half for the same player (persistent offenses). When a blue card is issued, the receiving player will receive a two-minute time in the penalty box and their team plays down for those two minutes or until the opponents’ score.
  • Yellow Card = Game misconduct. Generally, for dissent, encroachment, delay of game, spitting on the floor, jumping over the boards, and aggressive behavior that is “off the ball.” Yellow card recipients have a 5-minute time penalty, the receiving team does not play down a player and that player cannot come out of the penalty box until a guaranteed sub or ball is out of play (not a foul). The player comes straight from the penalty box to the bench and cannot sub into the game until the ball is back in play.
  • Blue + Yellow Card = A foul that goes beyond reckless but does not cross excessive thresholds. Players receiving a blue and a yellow card serve a 7-minute penalty. A designated second player goes into the penalty box for two minutes to serve the first penalty. The second player can come out at 2-minutes or if the opponents score.
  • Red Card = Serious foul play, violent conduct, using offensive, insulting, or abusive language/gestures, 3 blue or yellow cards in any combination, biting or spitting on someone. Team plays down (a different player is in the penalty box) for serious foul play or blue card that is the player’s 3rd No one serves for other red card situations.
  • Goalkeepers do not serve a blue card time penalty. The goalkeeper does serve a yellow card time penalty.

Drop Ball:

  • If play is stopped, the ball is dropped for the defending team goalkeeper in their penalty area. This occurs when the ball was in the penalty area when the whistle was blown or the last touch of the ball was in the penalty area.
  • If play is stopped outside the penalty area, the referee drops the ball for one player of the team that last touched the ball at the position where the ball was when the referee blew their whistle to stop play.
  • All additional players (of both teams) bust remain at least six (6) feed away at the time of the drop ball.

Discipline & Code of Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated at Allison Sports Town. Referees and Allison Sports Town staff possess the right to remove a player, coach, or spectator for misconduct on or off the field. Referees may terminate a game for misconduct. Disciplinary action will be taken for those that display unsportsmanlike conduct at the discretion of Allison Sports Town staff and game referees.