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We are excited to house the MYSL (Missouri Youth Sports League) Volleyball program at Allison Sports Town!  MYSL was developed to allow individual athletes, 3rd-8th grade, who were looking for a team to have the opportunity to be placed on a team, practice with experienced coaches, and participate in competitive play through league matches.  This program has been in existence for over 10 years and hundreds of athletes have benefited from it, many of whom have moved on to higher levels of play.   Yvette Pearce and Susan Patterson Co-Direct this program and continue to focus on foundational skill development for young players.  They have a passion for the game and developing young athletes through this MYSL Volleyball program.  In addition, the coaching staff is comprised of area coaches and/or players that have a solid knowledge of the game and a heart for developing youth.
MYSL accepts individual registration and places athletes on teams.  Players work to develop and hone skills with a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of the game as well as their volleyball acumen through an 8-10 week session.  The overall MYSL goal is to move players along in their game so they can compete at a higher level.  The success of the program is supported by the number of prior athletes that have transitioned to compete in area schools, club volleyball programs or continue to play the life-long sport of volleyball
If your child is interested in learning the game in a positive and fun environment, MYSL volleyball is the place to be!


                                                                                                                Back to School Session = Aug – Oct

                                                                                                                          Fall Session = Oct – Dec

                                                                                                                       Winter Session = Jan – Mar

                                                                                                                       Spring Session = Mar – May