Adult 5 v 5 Flag Football league will be a 7 game schedule with the start being February 16th and will run until March 31st. Mens league will play every Thursday and CO-Ed league will play every Friday. Game times start at  6:30 and 9:30 will be the last game of the night. 10 league games will be played each night. Teams will play one game per night. Games are 30 min in length with Two(2) 15 minute halves and a 5 minute halftime. 

Mens league teams consist of 7 players per team. $75 individual fee. (the first player to register will pay their fee as a deposit for the team) 
Co-Ed league teams consist of 7 players per team with 4 being male and 3 being female. 2 females must always be on the field.$75 individual fee. 

* 7 players are required on the roster to ensure teams can field 5 players every night of the league.   All players will check in at the front desk before playing, all players must be on the roster as subs are not allowed (unless on the roster).  This enables teams to stay fair and competitive throughout the season. 

There will be a max limit of 20 teams in the men’s division and a max limit of 20 teams in the Co-Ed division.

Teams must have matching uniforms shirts. Allison SportsTown will provide the team flags for games.