1.1 Name of the League

The league shall be named the Allison Sports Town Fall Youth Soccer League. Herein after may be referred to as “The League.”

1.2 Mission

Allison Sports Town’s mission is to provide the four-state region with a premier multi-sport complex for the enhancement and development of recreational and competitive athletics for all ages. We are committed to promoting sportsmanship, respect, integrity, self-discipline, and character development.

1.3 Management of the League

The League shall be managed and operated by the Allison Spots Town Staff.

1.4 League Contact Information

Soccer Director: Tymber Scott –
General Manager: Stacie Wells –
Operations Coordinator: Jennifer Coleman –

1.5 League Website

The league website homepage can be found at

1.6 Matters Not provided For

Allison Sports Town administration shall have the final authority in all matters not specifically provided for by these rules and policies.



2.1 Intramural League Divisions

The league will host the following divisions:

  1. Under 6 Boys & Girls.
  2. Under 8 Boys & Girls.
  3. Under 10 Boys & Girls.
  4. Under 12 Boys & Girls.
  5. Under 14 Boys & Girls.
  6. Under 16 Boys & Girls.
  7. Under 19 Boys & Girls.

Divisions for boys and girls are made according to the number of teams that sign up each year in each age category. Usually, such divisions will be gender specific, but when registration numbers do not permit division of genders, occasionally a division will be coed. Same is true for age divisions as age specific leagues may merge depending on registration numbers.

Players register as teams for the AST Youth Soccer League. All team registrations shall be in accordance with the current Allison Sports Town regulations as specified herein.

The Allison Sports Town reserves the right to accept or reject any application. Allison Sports Town will not discriminate against any player or volunteer based upon race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or disability.

2.2 Registering Players and Teams

Each player registers to play by completing the registration at and paying the registration fee by the registration deadline.

2.3 League Structure

Allison Sports Town will organize competition for each division. Each team will play up to 8 games depending upon the number of teams in the division. Teams will usually play once per week for the season which runs from the mid-September to the mid-November.

Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays unless otherwise requested. Practices fields are available upon request and availability for rent.

2.4 Good Standing

Each participating player must be in “good standing” with the league. Players who lose their status of “good standing” because of misconduct will not receive a refund of fees paid.

2.5 Application Deadlines

All applications to participate in the League must be received along with full payment on or before the registration deadlines established by Allison Sports Town. Allison Sports Town may accept late applications if room exists in the age division in question.

 2.6 Acceptance of the Allison Sports Town Rules

All persons/teams applying to participate in the League agree to accept and abide by the League rules and policies and any decisions made by the league administrators. Lack of knowledge of these rules will not relieve any coach, team official, parent or player of a team participating in the league or seeking entry into the league, from the responsibilities and possible penalties herein.

All coaches, team officials, parents and players by participating in the League agree that they are bound by these rules. All the rules for “The League” will be posted on the Allison Sports Town website.

2.7 League Fees

All league fees are due by the announced due date for all divisions. No team will be permitted to participate in the league until fees are paid in full. Once accepted, the league fee is nonrefundable. Any teams dropping out of the league will not be reimbursed for games missed.

2.8 Returned Checks

The League shall charge a $50 service fee for all returned checks.

2.9 Season Schedule

The registration deadline is August 11, 2023.

Games typically begin the mid-September and continue through mid-November.

Games will be played on weekends. Game times are subject to change but will be scheduled between 8AM and 7PM.



3.1 Teams

Teams are predetermined for the League and all team managers/coaches must provide a completed roster before the league begins.

3.2 Roster Size & Game Day Roster

Permitted roster size varies depending on the age division. The League will permit maximum roster sizes as shown below:

Age Group

Game Structure

Roster Size

U6, U7, U8


Max 8

U9, U10


Max 14

U11, U12


Max 18

U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, U19


Max 22; dress 18 per game


3.3 Player Eligibility

Eligibility of players shall be in accordance with Allison Sports Town regulations, unless otherwise specified and approved by the League. Each player’s parent or legal guardian must sign the Allison Sports Town waiver of liability form prior to playing any game.

3.4 Multiple Roster Players

Players may only play for one team within an age division, i.e., they may not dual roster or play with another team in the same age division.

3.5 Age Divisions

The League is divided into smaller divisions based upon the age of the players. These divisions are divided in 2 to 3-year increments: U19, U16, U14, U12, U10, U8, and U6.

(U means “under,” meaning that all players will reach that age during the year in question. So the U14 division will consist of all players turning 14 years old during that calendar year.)

These divisions will vary depending upon the number of teams enrolled each season. A player may play in an older age division. A player may not play in a younger age division.

Age limitations are typically as follows:

  • U6 Division: youth ages 6 years or younger on the 31st of December of the year of play.
  • U8 Division: youth ages 8 years or younger on the 31st of December of the year of play.
  • U10 Division: youth ages 10 years or younger on the 31st of December of the year of play.
  • U12 Division: youth ages 12 years or younger on the 31st of December of the year of play.
  • U14 Division: youth ages 14 years or younger on the 31st of December of the year of play.
  • U16 Division: youth ages 16 years or younger on the 31st of December of the year of play.
  • U19 Division: youth ages 19 years or younger on the 31st of December of the year of play.

Proof-of-birth shall be provided upon request.

3.6 Playing on Multiple Teams

Players may not play on more than one team (as a registered player) in the same sub-division. But a player may play in two separate divisions in the same season. For example, a player may play in the U12 division and the U14 division at the same time.

3.7 Game Formats

Allison Sports Town tries to follow game formats as recommended by US Soccer. Those recommended formats are currently as follows:

  • U6 Division: 4v4 | Roster size: 8 | four 6-minute periods.
  • U8 Division: 5v5 | Roster size: 12 | four 12-minute periods.
  • U10 Division: 7v7 | Roster size: 16 | 25-minute halves.
  • U12 Division: 7v7 | Roster size: 16 | 30-minute halves.
  • U14 Division: 11v11 | Roster size: 23 | 35-minute halves.
  • U16 Division: 11v11 | Roster size: 23 | 40-minute halves.
  • U19 Division: 11v11 | Roster size: 23 | 45-minute halves.

Due to variations in the numbers of teams signing up each year, the league director may adjust these formats as required to create the most effective league system.



4.1 Reporting of Scores

Scores are kept after the games in the Allison Sports Town fall youth divisions. The league will report weekly standings and announce a division winner at the end of the season. Each game will either have a winner, loser, or tie and will receive respective scoring points.

4.2 Game Day Rosters/Cards

The referee will complete a game card for each game to record the score, penalties, and other irregularities, such as coach or spectator problems. The Allison Sports Town staff shall make the team roster forms available to the referee at the match prior to each game.

At the request of any player, the referee shall confirm that the players on the field match each team’s roster. Players not on the roster shall not play if not registered with that team in that division. Players registered in that division on another team may play as substitutes on a team that is short players but only with the consent of the opposing team or if the team short players forfeits the win.

Players must have and present their approved player cards.

4.3 Inclement Weather Communication

In the event of lightning or other severe weather conditions, play will be stopped, and guests will be directed by officials and/or coaches to secure zones until it is safe to resume play. Games will be suspended or cancelled in the event of heavy rain or lightening.

The staff member on duty will evaluate the weather and decide how to proceed. If the bad weather looks to continue throughout the evening, the staff member could cancel all games for the night. If the bad weather looks like it was a one-and-done incident that happened only in the first half of a set of games, then the staff could suspend the game for 30 minutes and then order it resumed.

If this happens, the team should only finish the half and or play a shortened 2nd half, so that the next game can start on time or so that the kids can still get to bed at a reasonable hour. If the bad weather looks like it will interfere with the present game time but may clear up for later games, the staff member could cancel the games being played, but direct that the later games continue.

Once a decision is made, the staff member on duty shall notify the division leaders whose games are affected, the referee supervisor, and the scheduling director, and all the spectators, coaches, and players at the park. Once a half is played, the game is completed and will not be rescheduled. All other games will be rescheduled thereafter.

Information about make-up games will be posted on the website and social media.

4.4 Rescheduling Policy

Allison Sports Town will reschedule make up games on a on open field days during the season agreed upon by coaches and Allison Sports Town or at the end of the season.

4.5 Schedule Requests

All scheduling requests must accompany the player and team registration forms. We will attempt to accommodate all reasonable requests provided on the registration form. However, once the schedule is set, no rescheduling is possible. If a player or team is unable to attend a scheduled game, the game is forfeit.

4.6 Forfeits

Teams must have ½ of the number of players allowed on the field per team present to start the game. For example, if a game is 6 v 6, then a team must have 3 players present to start the game. If a game is played 7 v. 7, then a team must have 4 players present to start the game.

If a team does not have sufficient players to play the game, the game is forfeit for purposes of final standings.



5.1 Full Copy of the Laws of the Game

A full copy of the laws of the game are published at All players, coaches and team personnel are subject to all laws, except as modified by these rules.

5.2 The Field of Play

The Allison Sports Town league director will decide and design the fields for each division following the parameters allowed by Law and the Missouri Youth Soccer Association, according to the registration and team assignments in each division.

5.3 The Ball

Same as Law 2. The game ball is provided by Allison Sports Town or the home team. U19-U12 play with a size 5 ball, U11-U7 play with a size 4 ball, and U6-U4 with a size 3 ball.

5.4 The Players

Except in U6-U4, all teams consist of the assigned number of players, one of whom from each team must be designated a goalkeeper by wearing a jersey of a different color than the teams and the referees. All players must be registered prior to the game. No unregistered players may play at any time.

5.5 The Players’ Equipment

Same as Law 4. All players must wear shin guards, which must be covered by socks at all times. All shoes worn during a game must not pose a danger to others. No jewelry of any kind may be worn by a player.

Each team must wear a jersey of the same color but not yellow, except that the goalkeeper must wear a color different from his/her team and from the team of the opponent and the referees. In case of a color conflict, the home team (listed first in the schedule) shall change colors.

5.6 The Duration of the Game

Game formats are usually as follows:

  • U6 Division: Four periods of 6 minutes per period.
  • U8 Division: Four periods of 12 minutes per period.
  • U10 Division: Two 25-minute halves.
  • U12 Division: Two 30-minute halves.
  • U14 Division: Two 30-minute halves.
  • U16 Division: Two 35-minute halves.
  • U19 Division: Two 35-minute halves.

Each half-time shall be between 5 and 10-minutes.

5.7 Substitutions

Except as noted, substitutions are unlimited. Either team may substitute at any stoppage of play with the permission of the referee. The referee may not allow a substitution that slows the progress of the game or creates a disadvantage for the opposing team.

The desired substitute(s) must be in the designated substitution area at the half line. The substitute must wait to enter the pitch until the referee signals for him/her to enter. Failure to comply will result in a Caution being issued to the player entering. To substitute a goalkeeper, a player must get advance permission from the referee.

5.8 Delay of Kick Off

If a game is delayed due to the tardiness of a team, players, coach or manager, the game time shall be shortened accordingly so as not to delay subsequent games.

5.9 Players and Spectators

Players and coaches will set up on the opposite side of the field from all spectators. All spectators must remain on the side designated for spectators. No spectators or coaches will be allowed to sit or remain on either goal end of the field.

5.10 Coaches, Bench, and Technical Area

Allison Sports Town requires that an approved coach/parent be with every team for every game. Only two (2) coaches may be on the team side of the field at any given time. This may include a combination of coach, manager, trainer, assistant coach, parent helper, etc., but in no case shall the total number of non-player personnel exceed two (2).

There shall be place designated for coach and staff. All personnel in the coach/player area must remain in this area and conduct themselves in a manner considered appropriate by the league and game officials for that game.

The policy of “Ask, Tell, Remove” will be used to address coach and parent misbehavior, unless the referee or league administration deems any conduct to require immediate removal. If the Referee invites a coach or trainer to attend to an injured player, the coach or parent may leave the designated area for the sole purpose of assisting the injured player.

5.11 Referees

Each match is controlled by a one to two referees (except the U6 division), who have all authority to control the game as outlined in FIFA Law 5. U6 division has no referee. The game is directed by the coaches. U8-U10 has one referee who controls the game.

5.13 Starts and Restarts.

  1. Kickoff

Same as Law 8.1.

  1. Throw-in.

Same as Law 15, except that in division U6 division, no throw-ins occur, but rather kick ins; and in division U8, the referee shall not penalize the player for an improper throw-in but shall stop play, show the player the proper procedure, and have the player correct his/her mistake.

  1. Goal Kick

Same as Law 16. (The ball is in play when it is kicked and clearly moves. No requirement that the ball leave the penalty box first.)

  1. Corner kick

Same as Law 17.

  1. Dropped Ball

Same as Law 8.2

5.14 Offside

Same as Law 11.

5.15 Goalkeeper Restrictions

A goalkeeper may not punt or drop kick the ball in the U6-U12 Divisions. U14-U19 Divisions may punt and drop kick the ball.

A goalkeeper may not play a ball with his/her hands when it was intentionally passed from the foot of a teammate. (Indirect free kick from the penalty line.)

5.16 Fouls and Misconduct

Same as Law 12, except as follows.

No sliding in the area of other players is allowed for divisions U12 and under, except the goalkeeper in his/her own penalty area. A slide with contact is called a foul and the opposing team is awarded a direct free kick. A slide without contact is called a foul and the opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick.

If a keeper drop kicks or punts a ball, the opposing team is awarded an indirect free kick from the spot of the foul or from the goal box if the infraction occurs in the goal box.

In the U12, U10, U8, and U6 divisions, intentional heading is not allowed. The referee will stop the play, remind the player not to intentionally head the ball, and award an indirect free kick to the other team from the spot of the foul or the goal box line if the head occurs in the goal box.

Non-intentional heading is ignored.

A player who receives a yellow card must leave the game until the next substitution moment. (A substitute may come on when the offending player leaves.) Players, spectators, and coaches are subject to match suspensions according to the following:

Any player or coach who is sent off from any league match due to striking, punching, hitting, kicking, spitting, or any action that reflects deliberate harmful intent shall be removed from the game and suspended for the remainder of the season.

Any player, coach, or fan who verbally abuses a player, coach, or referee during any league match as documented on the Referee’s Report of the match shall be expelled from the facility and suspended for a minimum of his/her next match.

Any player who receives a red card or any coach who is dismissed from a game for any reason other than a deliberate intent to harm another shall be removed from the facility and automatically be suspended for a minimum of one (1) additional league match.

The Allison Sports Town staff shall have the right to add or reduce the number of matches in a suspension without a hearing. This could include but not be limited to any derogatory comments of a racial or inflammatory nature.

Players or coaches who are dismissed or sent off from a game, for whatever reason, shall serve their suspensions at the next sanctioned event(s) for that particular team. The suspension is required to be for “played games,” and as such if the next scheduled game for that team is a forfeit, or is rescheduled, then the suspension carries to the next game that is actually played by the team. A player shall not participate in any other Allison Sports Town activity until the original suspension is served.

Failure of a coach/player/team official to remain out of sight and out of sound after being sent off or dismissed may result in a forfeit and further suspensions.

Coaches who are dismissed from games twice in one season may not coach for Allison Sports Town Soccer in the future until approval is granted by the Allison Sports Town staff.

Any parent who is dismissed from a game must remain out of sight and sound of the field. Failure to do so could lead to the referee terminating the game and resulting in a forfeit win for the opponent and Allison Sports Town prosecuting the individual for trespass.

5.17 Final Scoring

No score is kept in the U6 division. In all other divisions, at the end of each game, one team will be declared the winner. The team with the most goals scored at the end of the game is declared the winner. Winners will receive 3 points and the losing team will receive 0 points. If the game ends in a tie, each team will receive 1 point.  

Game results are recorded, and a division winner announced at the end of the season. If two teams in a division end the season with the same number of points, the division winner will be selected by number of tie breakers outlined below:

  • Head-to-head result
  • Goals differential
  • Most wins



6.1 Coaches and Spectators Responsibilities

  1. All coaches and other team officials shall be subject to all soccer laws pertaining to misconduct. Any other individuals who may be reasonably construed as being associated with a team shall be subject to the jurisdiction and authority of The League. Any coach or team official can be held responsible for any individual associated with his/her team at any game.
  2. Coach or Spectator Misconduct
  3. All coaches in the recreational and instructional divisions must use positive coaching techniques. Positive coaching techniques means the coach will guide, encourage, correct, and train his/her players with kindness, cheerfulness, and respect.

Any coach who displays anger, rudeness, or grouchiness towards a player, coach, or referee may be expelled from the game by any referee or staff member. A mistake by a referee, coach, or player does not create an exception to this rule. A coach who is expelled must leave the soccer fields at Allison Sports Town.

A coach who repeatedly shows an unwillingness to use positive coaching techniques will be replaced as coach by the Allison Sports Town staff.

  1. All spectators at any Allison Sports Town game must conduct themselves at all times using good sporting behavior. Any spectator who displays anger, rudeness, or grouchiness towards a player, coach, or referee may be expelled from the game by any referee or staff member. A spectator who is expelled must leave the soccer fields at Allison Sports Town.

6.2 Profanity and Unsporting Conduct

Inappropriate language or conduct by any individual will not be tolerated either on or off the field. Such conduct may result in expulsion from within sight or sound of the game. Inappropriate language shall mean all words describing human body waste, sexuality, or religious or racial epithets which in the opinion of the referee or staff member are spoken solely for the purpose of complaint or offense.

6.3 Compensation

No player shall receive any compensation for services rendered to a team or receive any promises of compensation.

6.4 Smoking & Alcohol

There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking or use of tobacco products at any Allison Sports Town Soccer.

6.5 Referee Authority

The referee(s) are in complete charge of the field and adjacent areas from the time they arrive at the game site until they depart. The referee is empowered to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match to which he/she has been appointed.

The referee may terminate a game for coach, player, or spectator misconduct. Teams causing the termination directly or by association will forfeit the game.



7.1 Heading the Ball

Pursuant to the MYSA regulations, in all divisions U12 and younger, the players shall not head the ball. If a player in one of these divisions deliberately heads the ball, the referee shall stop play, explain to the player that heading the ball will not be allowed until an older division, and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the spot of the infringement, unless the infringement takes place in the goal box, then it shall take place on the goal line nearest the location of the infringement.

7.2 Suspected Concussions

Any time a player shows the signs of a concussion, the coach or referee shall follow the following concussion procedure:

  1. The coach and the referee shall discuss whether the player exhibits the signs of a concussion. If no, play resumes. If yes, move to step 2.
  2. The coach and referee determine if emergency response is needed. If so, a call is made to 911. If no, then the player is removed from the game and watched for signs of worsening symptoms.
  3. The coach informs the parent of the signs of worsening symptoms that would require emergency action.
  4. The parent has the player evaluated by a doctor. The player may not return to play until cleared to play by his/her doctor.