IMPORTANT: Please note that all players not yet registered in our system must create an account, sign the liability waiver, and pay the $10 administrative roster fee before they are accepted onto a team. This is an annual fee and only needs to be paid once every calendar year no matter how many leagues, tournaments, events, etc. the player participates in at Allison SportsTown. 

Scells Soccer Tournament

Date: Coming Soon!

Time: TBD
Divisions: 5th Grade – High School | Boys & Girls
Ability: Elite | Competitive | Developmental
Cost: $20 per person
Registration Deadline: The day before the event.

Details: Looking for a fun way to show your individual soccer skills? Look no further! The 1st Annual Scells Soccer tournament was a success and we cant wait to have the next one. This individual-based soccer tournament is designed to enhance a player’s ability to compete with a variety of players while letting their individual skills shine.

How it Works: Each player within a division is assigned a number. Each player/number will become part of a 3-person team that will play another 3-person team for a quick, 3-minute game. Once the game has ended, each player/number will report the score of the game to the field monitor. The player/number receives points based on goal differential i.e. if they win 3-0 they receive +3 points, if they lose 3-0, they receive -3 points. After the first game has ended, the teams will then change for another 3-minute, 3v3 game. Play continues until time has run out. The winner of each division is the player that has recorded the most wins. If there is a tie, the winner is the player with the most individual points.

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Scells Soccer Tournament Full Rules & Code of Conduct


Spring Friendlies Soccer Tournament

Dates: March 4-5, 2023

Times: All Day
Divisions: U9 – High School | Boys & Girls 
Ability: Elite | Competitive | Developmental
Cost: $300

Details: Join us for our Spring Friendlies Soccer Tournament on March 4-5, 2023! All teams are guaranteed 3 games with Gold, Silver, and Bronze divisions for each age group. Teams from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas are expected for this friendly soccer event. We can’t wait to have you out to Allison SportsTown!

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